"Pop music for 'grown-ups', who'd a thunk it?" -- Rob Bush; Writer, The San Diego Reader

Mother Belle's "Hand Made" Nominated for a 2014 San Diego Music Award: Best Local Recording!

What the heck am I listening to? Is it Rock? Is it New Wave? Is it Pop? Country? Circus Sideshow music? Am I in space? Who am I? Did I feed the cat?

These are the important, burning questions Mother Belle dare to make you ask. We write words to get in your mind and stay there, emerging from your own lips later in the grocery store as everyone else in the bread aisle becomes entranced by your sudden and glorious vibrato. We write melodies to make your toe tap at your sister's graduation, while everyone around you is desperately shushing your feet. We have more hooks than your great-Uncle's tackle box.

But don't take our word for it. Pour some sugar in your ears, baby.

New Upcoming Show! 

April and Junior will be performing an acoustic set at KPRi's Brunch event on Sunday, September 7th at On the Border Cafe.  Kendra Checketts opens at 11:30, there will be food and drink specials, giveaways, there's an all ages show, and this list is getting out of hand.
Bring friends! 


Prepare to be dazzled, tickled, and perhaps a little... unsettled by Mother Belle's latest video: "Hand Made."

You can't escape the dancing wooden boy.

New Music! 

Hear Mother Belle's new CD, "Hand Made."
It's like a "best-of" compilation; except all
our stuff is the best. My mom said so.

Credits for the album "Hand Made":
Produced, engineered and mixed by Mother Belle and Chris Hobson
Mastered by Chris Hobson

Gil Ruiz- Artwork and Layout

​April Pendergraft- Lyrics, Melody, Lead Vocals
Junior Plenty- Lead Guitar, Banjo, Slide Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Michael P. Rovatsos- Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Piano, Vocals

Steve Payne- Bass
Levi Buckleberry- Bass
Mike Reedy- Drums
Andy Tirpak- Drums
Chris Hobson- Synthesizer
Hans Becker- Hammond B3, Keyboards
Matt Smith- Trombone
David Skelley- Theremin
Jamie Shadowlight- Electric Violin
Sasha Weiss- Background Vocals
Cody Walker- Whistling and Tap Dance
Nick Ferreirae- Saxophone

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